Why You Need An Agent

Although most customers are still under the impression that working directly with a supplier, manufacturer or factory will definitely give them access to better quality products or services, they will actually be surprised to find this approach may cause much more trouble than they thought.

Here is the list of the problems that may happen to the customers while conducting business in China.

1. Sourcing is really a time-consuming process.
2. The quality of the goods is of major concern.
3. Suppliers are not so honest and responsible as you thought.
4. Inexperienced suppliers cause big problems on documents, shipping, etc.
5. Differences between languages and cultures are the major hindrance when customers are conducting business in China. Ineffective communication may lead to slow, unprofessional or even irrelevant responses from the suppliers.

6. You have no direction about purchasing, whether it is done via manufacturers or other indirect sources.
7. It is also a hard task to plan your agenda without knowing the commodity distribution well.
8. The supplier won't or can't pack according to your requirements.

1. One of the TOP trading companies in China and Hong Kong.
2. We provide 100% Guarantee
3. One-stop Export Solution Services.
4. The Fastest Agent Service
5. Over 5,000 Factories Sources.
6. Over 1000 Containers Shipped Per Year.
7. Trading with over 12 countries worldwide
8. Over 2 Million $/year Turnover.
9. Affordable Commission, starting from 3.00 % for orders valued at more than 150,000 USD to 5.00 % for orders under 100,000 USD Less %, for larger volumes-TBD.

How We Work

Compare the two

If you make your own import

If you hire ICBC

Visiting the factory in China Without visiting the factory in China
Search the internet Clients Clients
Finding supplier Visa Help. Hotel Transport Arrangement Product design (Detailed orders)
Negotiating the price Translate & Guide to the Market or Factory Sourcing and quote
Payment of products and transport Choose products and finish orders Supplier audit
Shipping of products Deposit & Confirmation Sampling & Confirmation
? Production & Follow up orders Production & Follow up orders
Warehouse. QC and Consolidation Pre-Shipment Inspection and Confirmation
Shipping(Ocean Freight, Air Cargo, Express) Shipping(Ocean Freight, Air Cargo, Express)
Documents. Settle Payments. Documents. Settle Payments.
Advantages and disadvantages
- Lost time + You save time
- Tough negotiation (linguistic and style barrier) + You have the security of your order
- Uncertainty about the reality of the ordered goods and the accuracy of the execution + You have the safety of price and quality
+ Assurance that in the containers are the contracted goods
+ You will be able to use the saved time in other projects
+ You have the assurance that goods will arrive on time

How do we charge for our service

New Clients-one time fee : from 1500$ to 3000$, to be deducted in full from recurrent revenues and commissions (see below)
We charge a reasonable commission rate, which is between 3% and 5% for all the service based on the Total Order Value & Payment Terms. Our minimum charge is 1.000$.
Translation & Guiding fees: 100$ per day.
The fees are offset from the invoice when the order is confirmed.
Airport Pickup Service
Hangzhou Airport to Yiwu: 350 RMB/Trip.
Shanghai Airport to Yiwu: 800 RMB/Trip Yiwu Airport & Railway Station to hotel: Free
Individual Inspection Charges
Providing individual inspection instead of the commission. The charge is 100$/Day+Travel Cost. It depends on the distance & the time required.
We can negotiate SPECIAL TERMS if your total order value exceeds USD 1 MILLION Per Year The lower commission rate would be 2%.

How do we create value for you

The Only Reason We Can Survive Is That We Are Creating Values For Our Customers! More Than What You Paid To Us!
Under mentioned is how we create value for you.
1Getting Cheaper price for you
We achieve better price via our extensive network of regular suppliers. And to save the costs such like on the tax, packing. Transport cost etc.
2Control your risks of "buying from China"
"Buying from China" sometimes has the big risks for you if you deal with the suppliers yourself. Before you opened the container, you don' know what kind of the goods inside. The following is the steps how we control the risks on the purchase.
a) Pre-Production Inspection, We verify suppliers & could conduct pre- as well as post-production inspection.
b) On-Production Inspection, We monitor all orders to see that they are manufactured & delivered within the timelines you provide us. Control the problems before it happened.
c) Pre-Shipment Inspection. Inspect the Quality, Quantity, Packing and all the other issues to make sure that they are according to your requirements before delivery. If there is any difference from what you required, we will send emails to you and let you make the decision! We have extensive experience in dealing with different suppliers. Also we have the professional lawyers, consultants & detailed purchase contracts to ensure that your purchase orders will be handled properly.