Today, we set up on a journey into the millennial Chinese history, with the clear aim of disclosing it to the ones who love culture, history and who read with interest any news from this country.

This blog does not pretend to replace history or art books, it merely highlights some aspects that are less known by the general public.

So, dear friends, we shall present you today the list of Chinese Dynasties, as written in the Chinese history books:


Chronologic table of CHINESE DYNASTIES

Palaeolithic Approximately 1,000,000 and 10,000 years ago
Neolithic Approximately 10,000 and 4,000 years ago
Xia Dynasty 2070 B.C. – 1600 B.C.
Shang Dynasty 1600 B.C. – 1046 B.C.
Western Zhou Dynasty 1046 B.C. – 771 B.C.
Eastern Zhou Dynasty Spring and Autumn Period 770 B.C. – 476 B.C.
Fighting States Period 475 B.C. – 221 B.C.
Quing Dynasty 221 B.C. – 206 B.C.
Western Han Dynasty 206 B.C. – 25 B.C.
Eastern Han Dynasty 25 - 220
The Three Kingdoms 220 - 280
Western Jin Dinasty 265 - 317
Eastern Jin Dinasty 317 - 420
Northern and Southern Dynasties 420 - 589
Sui Dinasty 581 - 618
Tang Dinasty 618 - 907
The Five Dynasties 907 - 1127
Northern Song Dinasty 960 - 1127
Guan Dinasty 1206 - 1368
Ming Dinasty 1368 - 1644
Qing Dinasty 1616 - 1911
Chinese Republic 1912 - 1949
Popular Republic of China Founded in 1949 Founded in 1949
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