ICBC - International Consultants and Business Company SRL can assure you the management of legal and economic situations.

The management of Legal Situations

It is structured on several levels:

This is a very rigorous process that requires a good preparation for presentation to the Chinese consular officer.

In the case of participation in the Economic Mission organized by our company

, we ensure, free of charge, the Invitation to apply for the Chinese visa and the visa form.

The necessary documents are:

  1. Completed form;
  2. 2 passport color photos
  3. A business card for each applicant
  4. Copy Business Registration Certificate;
  5. Invitation in original;
  6. Flight booking, copy;
  7. Hotel Reservation, Copy;
  8. Passport valid 6 (six) months from date of departure from China;
  9. Visa Fee;
  10. Presence is obligatory for papillary impressions.

Recruitment of foreign workers is governed by OUG 194/2002 on the foreigners ' regime in Romania with subsequent additions and modifications.

The last amendment to this OUG was the one in November 2018, which established the salary offered to a foreign worker at the level of a minimum wage on the economy, as is known to be about 1960 Ron/month.

Our company has partnerships with recruitment companies from China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, etc., and can offer you the most varied personal foreign recruitment services.

Romanian visas are of several types and are accurately defined in Oug 194/2001 on foreigners ' regime in Romania with subsequent additions and modifications.

Most of the time, obtaining the Roman visa is an eliminatory process and is carried out with great weight that is why our specialists can prepare your visa file, I can program you to interview and advise you on this topic.

ICBC has concluded a Strategic Partnership with Law Firms specialized in Financial, Tax, Civil and Criminal Law and can provide you with representation before the Investigation Bodies in front of the Financial-Tax Control Bodies (ANAF) and, last but not least, Court Courts.
Our specialists ensure that your company is registered with ONRC in a short time with minimal cost, so we offer you integrated solutions so you can become operational in the shortest possible time.

Economic Situation Management

Upon request, ICBC can provide business accounting with an already established partnership with an Accounting firm whose specialists can find optimal solutions to minimize costs and provide you with specialist customs advice. Also, our company can provide you, at your request and at the expense, studies on the evolution of the international markets with the Asian predilection, on the basis of which you can guide the course of your business

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    Economic Situation Management

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